Turning Good Information into Good Politics


The mission of Civic Decisions is to explore, evaluate and develop new ways of providing civic news and information to active citizensThrough research, analysis, and hands-on effort, Civic Decisions aims to find new routes to success for organizations with an interest in positively influencing political processes and public policy.

Civic Decisions employs over 30 years of media experience “turning good information into good business” for publishing and specialized information businesses and non-profits, largely focused on policy and government operations content.  That is why Civic Decisions is uniquely equipped to appraise new models for “turning good information into good politics.”

Good information is trustworthy, useful, relevant, and timelyGood politics is winning politics that moves people in positive directions.  Turning good information into good politics involves both science and art.

Politics today is in a boom phase of transformation.  As in a boom phase in industry, competing interests are pouring investment into innovative ways of gaining political and public policy outcomes.  No single new model  of political organization has proven itself.   Desired outcomes are highly uncertain.

Civic Decisions examines, assesses, and implements  “political-economic-business models” that can do a better job of providing news and information to citizens.  The ways we all create, communicate, and consume information have changed more rapidly and more profoundly than any other aspect of our lives.  Politics and public policy debate is transforming as a result.  There are threats, but our focus is on opportunities.

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